Monday, July 27, 2015

International News Review- July 27 2015

International News Review

July 27, 2015            
            The U.S. along with the help of several other countries such as Turkey have agreed to work together in order to help stop ISIS.  The plan is to prevent Islamic state members to enter into Turkey by creating a barrier.  The goal of this barrier is to provide a safe area for people and to even serve as a safe zone for Syrian refugees.  However, there are several obstacles the U.S. is encountering such as facing an attack by Syrian aircrafts.  Many Turkish and Syrian opposition leaders are hoping that this barrier against ISIS will also contribute against Mr. Assad. In order for this plan to work the U.S. could use help from forces inside Syria.  There are still several steps needed in order for this plan to get on its way.  The UK and Indonesia have also taken preventative steps against Islamic states.  The United Kingdom is helping Indonesia by training their law enforcers in counter terrorism techniques and by providing extra security for the country.  The United Kingdom is willing to take a few pointers from Indonesia on strategies that work against extremism in their country. 
            Also in the U.S. President Obama seems to have encountered several issues with Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee.  However, presidential candidates have been reported to having said things against Obama as well.  Huckabee criticized Obama’s decision of signing a nuclear agreement with Iran.  Obama rebutted this statement by saying that American citizens deserved better than both candidates representing the Republican Party. 

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